Becoming a Review Board Member

The 11 member Architectural Review Board is appointed by City Council with input from several sources. For each vacancy, a minimum of two names is submitted to the Council by one of the three organizations. One position is nominated by the Historic Mobile Preservation Society; four positions are nominated by the local chapter of the American Institute of Architects; and six positions are nominated by the Mobile Historic Development Commission.

If you would like to serve on the ARB and are a member of either the Preservation Society or the AIA you should speak with the organization’s president. Everyone is welcome to apply for a position through the MHDC. In order to do so, complete the form below and send it to the MHDC at the contact information provided on this site.

When an opening occurs for an MHDC nominated position, the Neighborhood Committee of the MHDC meets and considers all names on file. Those names are then forwarded to the Commission as a whole which makes the final recommendation to the City Council. Ultimate authority of appointment rests with the City Council.

Terms for the Board expire on December 31 of various years. To be considered for one of these possible openings, all information with a completed application must be on file in the offices of the MHDC by September 15. This will give the Committee, the Commission and the Council time to review each name submitted and arrange interviews if necessary. To fill openings due to resignations, only those applications on file at the time the Neighborhood Committee meets will be considered. Therefore you are encouraged to submit your application immediately. You will be contacted to determine if you are still interested in a position before your name is sent for consideration.

Before you apply for a position on the Architectural Review Board, please review the duties as described at the link below. City Ordinance requires members “shall have demonstrated training or experience in the fields of history, architecture, architectural history, urban planning, archaeology or law. Members must be residents of the City.”

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