Who and what is the Architectural Review Board?

The Architectural Review Board oversees the work within Mobile’s seven locally protected historic districts. Any exterior work done within the City’s locally designated districted must be pre-approved by the Board. Its eleven volunteer members are appointed by the Mobile City Council with input from the Mobile Historic Development Commission, the local chapter of the American Institute of Architects and the Historic Mobile Preservation Society.

Living in a historic district offers protections to property owners not available anywhere else in the City. Areas of unique charm and beauty, these neighborhoods are protected by City ordinance through the work of the Architectural Review Board and the staff of the MHDC. Anyone interested in doing work to the exterior of properties located within Mobile’s locally designated districts must get approval from the City’s Architectural Review Board. The Board reviews requests for work and guides property owners to appropriate solutions for their needs.

The seven locally designated districts overseen by the ARB are:

  • Ashland Place Historic District
  • Church Street East Historic District
  • DeTonti Square Historic District
  • Leinkauf Historic District
  • Lower Dauphin Street Historic District
  • Oakleigh Garden Historic District
  • Old Dauphin Historic Way

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