Organization and/or Position

Directory Year Name Organization and/or Position
1837 Gazzam, A.H. Alderman, South Ward
1837 Delage, Charles City Surveyor
1837 McBride, J.F. President, Mechanic's Assoc. of Mobile
1837 Wyatt, D.D. Vice President, Mechanic's Assoc. of Mobile
1837 Madden, James Secretary, Mechanic's Assoc. of Mobile
1838 Redwood, R.H. Fire Warden, West Ward
1838 Bernard, U.J. Fire Warden, West Ward
1839 Todd, J.B. Mobile School Commissioner
1839 Todd, John B. Fire Dept of Mobile, 1st Asst. Engineer
1839 Rich, James Merchants Engine Co. No. 4--St. Emauel Street, 1st Asst. Foreman
1842 Quigley, Daniel City of Mobile Alderman, North Ward
1842 McBride, J.F. City of Mobile Alderman, Middle Ward
1842 Ryland, A.H. Common Council
1842 Hutchisson, James F. Fire Dept., Chief Engineer
1842 Munroe, Hugh Fire Warden, Chief, South Ward
1842 Kelly, C.A. Fire Warden, Middle Ward
1842 Beroujon, C. Fire Warden, West Ward
1842 Todd, J.B. Fire Warden, North Ward
1844 McBride, James F. City Sexton
1844 Neville, William R. Alderman, 1st Ward
1844 Pomeroy, James M. Alderman, 2nd Ward
1844 Curry, James Alderman, 5th Ward
1844 Simmons, Butler Alderman, 5th Ward
1844 Todd, John B. Fire Dept., Chief Engineer
1844 Sandoz, Frederick P. Neptune Fire Co. No. 2, 2nd Asst. Engineer
1844 Todd, W.S. Franklin Engine Co. No. 3, Secretary
1844 Hutchisson, James F. Torrent Fire Co. No. 5, Foreman
1844 Rutherford, Henry Torrent Fire Co. No. 5, 2nd Asst. Foreman
1844 Jester, H.S. Phoenix Fire Co. No. 6, Director
1844 Silver, Joseph Phoenix Fire Co. No. 6, Vice President
1844 Collins, Isaac B. Hook & Ladder Co. No.1, Foreman
1844 Davis, Manly B. Hook & Ladder Co. No.1, Treasurer
1844 Dougherty, Phillip Hook & Ladder Co. No.1, Secretary
1850-51 Hutchisson, James F. Mobile County Officers, Sheriff
1850-51 Ryland, A.H. Commission of Revenues
1850-51 Martin, James Commission of Roads, 1st Ward
1850-51 Ryland, A.H. Corp. of the City of Mobile, Common Council
1850-51 Scattergood, B.F. Alderman, 1st Ward
1850-51 Brooks, William Alderman, 4th Ward
1850-51 Rogers, J. Alderman, 5th Ward
1850-51 Howard, Joseph Alderman, 6th Ward
1850-51 McBride, J.F. City Sexton
1855-56 Brooks, William Mobile County Officers, Commission of Roads
1855-56 Brown, John M. Mobile County Officers, Commission of Roads
1855-56 Scattergood, B.F. Alderman, 2nd Ward
1855-56 Kirkbride, Jonathan Alderman, 4th Ward
1855-56 Lowary, J. Alderman, 6th Ward
1855-56 Petty, George Alderman, 7th Ward
1855-56 Ryland, A.H. Councilman, 7th Ward
1859 Spear, I.D. Mobile County Officers, Commission of Roads, 4th Ward

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