Architectural Review Board Guidelines for Sandwich Boards in Downtown Mobile

Adopted: February 17, 1997

  1. The sign must be 24" wide and 36" tall and of an A-frame design
  2. The sign should be constructed of painted exterior grade A Face Plywood, duroply or equivalent, or metal and have a connecting Device, i.e. chain, to set the bottom spread of the sign at 15" – 24".
  3. No more than 33% of the sign surface can be devoted to a menu Board or changeable copy.
  4. The use of painted wood signs are encouraged.
  5. The use of metal or plastic signs is discouraged.
  6. The use of bold and imaginative design is encouraged.
  7. Depending on the design, either a painted or physical border is encouraged.

    Note: There are many existing signs in Downtown which do not conform to These guidelines. In fact these guidelines were established in order to Discourage the poor design and workmanship found in some of the Existing signs.

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